Quilt Preparation

Please follow these guidelines to prepare your project for quilting. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Ensure your quilt top is well pressed and seams are flattened. Seams should pressed flat and not pressed open.
  • Trim all hanging or loose threads from the back and edge as much as you can.  Dark hanging threads will show through the light areas of your quilt.
  • Identify the top of your quilt and backing with a safety pin if it has a directional print.
  • Do not trim quilt to achieve curved corners or scallops until quilting is complete to ensure proper attachment of the quilt to the longarm machine.
  • Square up your quilt top, and fold over a padded (preferred) hanger or gently fold.

Quilting cannot correct piecing problems or fullness.  I will do my best to correct problems, however, I can’t guarantee resolution of all issues.


  • Remove all selvages when seaming backing fabrics, trim seam to 5/8” and press open.
  • Press backing fabric.
  • Backing must be at least 8” larger in length and width than the quilt top. If necessary, you may sewing muslin or other fabric to sides or top/bottom to meet required dimensions.
  • Identify the top of your backing with a safety pin if it has a directional print.
  • Square up the backing fabric, and fold over a padded (preferred) hanger or gently fold.


  • For best results use quality 100% cotton fabric.  I do not recommend the use of flat sheets as backing materials as they may cause tension problems. 
  • Batik fabric is normally woven tighter than other cotton fabric and can sometimes result in tension issues.  Please wash batiks with mild detergent prior to piecing and squaring.
  • Quilts and backing fabrics should be clean and free of strong odors so that they will not contaminate other clients work and the longarm equipment.


I can provide Natural 80/20 (Select), Dream Cotton Select or Dream 80/20 White, Dream Green and Dream Black by Quilters Dream® Batting.  Dream Wool is also available in select sizes. Pricing is dependent on size needed for your project.

You may provide batting, but please ensure that it is also a least 8” wider and longer than the quilt top and of good quality to prevent uneven loft and tension issues during quilting.


Solid color quilting thread is provided free of charge.  Various variegated thread choices are available for an up charge at the following rate (price per side):

Quilts up to

  • 40” = $4.00
  • 60” = $6.00
  • 80” = $8.00
  • 100”= $10.00

Binding Services              

I am happy to help with the finishing touches of your quilt.  Binding options include: 

Make and Attach

I will make (cut at 2-1/2 in., folded, and then pressed in half) and attached to the back of the quilt by machine and, finish by machine on the front of the quilt  You supply the fabric.

  • $0.20 per linear inch

Attach Only

You provide the pieced binding, and I will attach on either front on back for you to finish by hand.

  • $0.12 per linear inch

Add-on Charges

If your quilt requires additional preparation upon its arrival, the following charges will apply.  You will be notified via phone or email to obtain authorization to proceed before work is done.

  • Squaring backing: $10.00
  • Pressing quilt or backing: $10.00
  • Piecing backing or adding fabric strips: $10 per seam