About our Longarm Services

Edge to Edge Designs (E2E)

Edge-to-Edge quilting entails a single design that covers the entire quilt top. It is sometimes referred to as an all-over design as well. An edge-to-edge design can be very intricate and even span the entire width of your quilt, but it repeats the same design for each row.

E2E Pricing

We offer standard edge to edge designs at three levels of pricing. Please see my quilt patterns page.

  • Low Stitch Density – Simple designs that are offered at $0.02 per inch.  Please see my quilt patterns page.
  • Medium Stitch Density – Most of the designs are in this category and are $0.025 per inch.
  • High Stitch Density – These are extremely dense quilting designs (designated by a “D” after the pattern design), or other designs stitched smaller than the default size,  $0.0275 to $0.035 per inch.

To determine cost of quilting, multiply quilt width by length, and then multiply by appropriate design charge.  We have a $40 per quilt minimum charge.

Pricing Example

  • Width x Length inches = “Total Square Inches” of your quilt top.
  • Example: 60″ x 60″ = 3600 total square inches.
  • 3600 x $0.02 cents = $72.00 plus 7.125% NMGR tax.

Please note we cannot quilt anything larger than 100” in width.

Custom Longarm Quilting

We are happy to consult with you on a custom design tailored to your taste to make your quilt unique! There are many designs available from digitizing vendors on line and we can work with you to access these designs as well.

Pricing will be dependent on final design complexity.